Important Information

  • Pinnacle will provide certified trainers and doctors within the playing venue as well as providing services and supplies. Do not wait until the last minute to have your players report to the medical tent to be taped as play will not be held until their arrival back to their court.​

  • Coaches, you are required to have a Medical Release Form for each player with them at all times.​

  • Players and parents, the medical tent opens the same time the doors open, please make sure you are there early to get all your taping requirements tended to. ​


Medical & Trainer Staff Locations

Locations TBD 2022 

First Aid

Located across from the elevators that lead up to Show manager office B.

The room is at the Second entrance to hall B on the right

First Aid Station Locations
Athletic Trainer

Look for the Green Tent!


Athletic Trainer Locations

In The Event Of An Emergency

  • The MCC Public Safety Department can be reached by picking up the black phone that is located inside the hall entrance doors, it rings to command


Questions About Our Medical Staff?

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