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Important Information

Music City will be a bid event for the 18s - 13s divisions. Below you will find the list of all available playing divisions as well as the number of Bids that each holds. 


All of the information listed in this section is covered in more detail in USA Volleyball’s Championship Manual. The Manual is a complete guide to the special rules and policies that govern individual participants, teams and tournament directors throughout the Qualifier process. 


Coaches and directors are responsible for reading and understanding all information provided in the Championship Manual.


Bid Allocation


Open: 3 Bids

USA: 3 Bids

Liberty: 2 Bids

American: 1 Bids


Liberty: 2 Bids


Liberty: 2 Bids


Liberty: 2 Bids


Liberty: 2 Bids


Liberty: 2 Bids


Penalties For Not Accepting A Bid

  • A team that does not use a GJNC Open bid which it has earned, or a GJNC National, USA or American bid which it has earned and accepted, may be subject to the following penalties:

  • IF a team earns an Open bid at a NQ, earns and accepts an Open At-Large bid, or earns and accepts a National, USA or American bid (Regional or NQ) and subsequently does not participate in the GJNC, ALL members listed on the Official Event Roster and the Club Director will be suspended from participating in all NQs, Regional Qualification Events, and the GJNC for the following season

  • The Club must pay USAV the GJNC entry fee for the team.

  • If the Club does not pay the GJNC Event Entry Fee, the suspension from competing in qualifying events will remain in force until the fee is paid in full.


Ethics & Eligibility

  • The National Qualifiers are part of the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships. Participants, individuals or teams, may access normal Due Process channels should their eligibility to participate be in question.
  • Procedures, including appeal options, are outlined in the Bylaws of USA Volleyball.

  • Bylaws can be found in the current issue of the USAV Official Guidebook.

  • The Guidebook is available through Regional Commissioners, from the USA Volleyball National Office, at the Event Championship Desk, and on the USAV website. 


Roster Requirements


  • A maximum of 15 athletes are allowed on rosters

  • All athletes listed on the roster must have a birthdate and uniform number listed.

  • Athlete's position is mandatory before a team can complete online team check-in.

  • Boys are not permitted to play on teams in this event

    • Boys can participate on 12U teams as long as those teams are entered in a non-bid division.​

    • Boys cannot participate on 12U teams that are entered in a USAV bid qualifying division.

More Qualifier Topics

  • Complete Bid Process and Rules for Priority of Use

  • Formats and Pool Play Sequence & Schedules

  • Tie Breaking Procedures

  • Court Use

  • Warm-up Protocol

  • Roster Verification procedures

  • Team Officiating Duties

  • Penalty for Forfeitures

  • Awards for each division

  • Roster Rules – Frozen and Otherwise

  • Foreign individual and Team Participation, Eligibility and Registration

  • Officials, Awards, and Protest Committee information

  • Arbitrator and Ethics and Eligibility procedures

  • Age and Identity Falsification Policy

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