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Important Information

All matches are scheduled to take place in Halls C & D at the Music City Center. Music City uses a USAV qualifier-approved format for all divisions.


The schedule will be released on Wednesday, January 15th at 6pm CDT

Wave Assignments

Wave Assignments are based off of the 2019 event. Subject to change for 2020

first whistle at 8:00am
first whistle at 3:00pm

Wave Information

  • All teams should be prepared to play in the AM Wave on Saturday, January 18th until the FINAL schedule is released on January 15th at 6pm CDT.

  • Start times will depend on how the team finishes the day before.  

  • AM Wave begins at 8:00 am

  • PM Wave begins at 3:00 pm


  • Music City uses USAV Qualifier approved formats for each division:

  • Two rounds of pool play followed by brackets for most all divisions.

  • Open Gold divisions have three rounds of pool play possibly followed by brackets depending on size of field.

  • Some teams will have a play-in match or cross-over match after completion of pool play.

  • TIE BREAKING PROCEDURES: Refer to the USAV Championship Manual for details

Monday Travel

  • The last match is scheduled to start at 3:00pm. However:

    • We recommend that you do not schedule any departing flights prior to 6:00pm.