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Music City Volleyball Championship Welcomes Athletes Go Live

This year we welcome Athletes Go Live to be our premier streaming service at MCVC2022. AthletesGoLive, one of the nation’s largest sports live streaming companies, will be streaming ALL 42 courts at this year's Music City Volleyball Championship. In addition to the full coverage of all courts, they will be hosting a multi camera production with announcers on championship day for some of the participating 18s divisions. With so many teams traveling from out of state, it was important to bring the matches to those family members who can not attend. We hope you enjoy!


In order to properly stream the event, AGL will need all teams fully registered in AthletesGoLive system. Please refer to the email sent to you (Club Directors) in SportWrench and/or the email you will receive from AGL.

Once registered, be sure to enter your complete roster.

  • (Note: When registering, under the field that says Organization/Club, if your Club is not listed start typing No Club and select NO CLUB)

There is no cost to register your team! Each team will also designate an official scorekeeper for their team.

This scorekeeper, as part of a promotion, will get a free annual subscription to AthletesGoLive.


Important Promotion Information for Family and Friends:

You can get a free fan pass for the month of January to watch on AthletesGoLive by registering as a fan for a Premier pass on AGL's website. With this pass you can also create your Athlete profile, post clips to social media, email clips to college coaches and much, much more. See attached PDF for more information.

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