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MCVC2020 General Housing Is Open!

With MCVC being a "Stay and Play" event, we have some specific housing information you need to pay attention to. Please read the below for information on how to reserve your housing block!

General Housing Registration:

Follow the 3 simple steps below to complete your housing!

  1. Go to

  2. Locate your team in the drop down menu

  3. Fill out all necessary information!

Please Note:

  • You cannot access housing until your team has been entered into the tournament and paid for!

  • We are a Stay and Play event, which means each team is required to abide by the housing minimums, listed below: Teams must have a minimum of 12 room nights.

- 4 rooms for 3 nights or 3 rooms for 4 nights. 

  • Haven't had tryouts yet? No problem!

- Book the minimum number of room nights to begin with in order to secure the hotel you would like, as that minimum is a requirement for acceptance into the event.

- Once your rosters are complete, and if you need additional rooms, contact THS and they will be happy to add more rooms to your block!

- There is no guarantee that the additional rooms will be in the same hotel as the original ones.

Think your team/club should be considered local?

  • Please contact us with the following information (as it appears on SportWrench): 

- Team Name

- Club Name

- Division Entered 

  • Please, do not just assume that your team will be marked as local. 

Have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!


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