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MCVC Medalist Photos and More!

Congratulations to our 2020 Medalist Teams! Thank you to everyone who chose to spend their MLK weekend with us, we hope that you all had a wonderful experience and we look forward to hosting you again next year! #MCVC2020

Click the image below to access all the photos! You can also find the photos, final results, and college coaches that were in attendance on our Schedule & Results page.

MCVC2020 Medal Finishes:

18 Open 1st Place: Mintonette Sport M.81

18 Open 2nd Place: Union 18 Asics

18 Open 3rd Place: NPJ 18-1 ForeFront

18 USA 1st Place: Elevation 17-1

18 USA 2nd Place: AZ EVJ 18N1 - Tempe

18 USA 3rd Place: MadFrog 18 National Green

18 American 1st Place: TJVVC 18 Nike Pro

18 American 2nd Place: St. Pete 18 Teal

18 American 3rd Place: FW Fire 18 Purple

17 Challenge 1st Place: 501 Volley 17 National

17 Challenge 2nd Place: A5 Chattanooga 17-Nancy

17 Challenge 3rd Place: Southern Storm 17-1

16 Challenge 1st Place: Club Unite 16 National

16 Challenge 2nd Place: Memphis Metro 16-1

16 Challenge 3rd Place: BSVBC 16U Black

15 Challenge 1st Place: BSVBC 15U Black

15 Challenge 2nd Place: Memphis Metro 15-1

15 Challenge 3rd Place: Elevation 15-2

14 Challenge 1st Place: Elevation 14-2

14 Challenge 2nd Place: Memphis Metro 14-1

14 Challenge 3rd Place: Pursuit 14 Elite

13 Challenge 1st Place: PEVC 13N Smack Steven

13 Challenge 2nd Place: C2 Attack VBC 13 Blue Smack

13 Challenge 3rd Place: ATL Extreme 13 Raymon

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