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Honoring Black History Month

In each city that we host an event in, we try to find local restaurants and places to share with you during your stay to make exploration and meal times a bit easier. This year, to honor Black History Month, we have decided to only share local restaurants run by Black Chefs in and around the city of New Orleans.

While you are searching for places to eat during your time in New Orleans, we ask that you support some of the following we have featured on our "Things To Do In New Orleans" page who are working to re-invigorate the true culture and traditions of New Orleans.

"This wave of Black-owned restaurants opening comes at a time of increased awareness that much of New Orleans culture can be traced to West African and Caribbean antecedents, from its music and architecture to its Carnival traditions and signature dishes like gumbo, jambalaya and étouffée. These restaurants are partaking in “a new and expanded telling” of the history of New Orleans cuisine." - Brett Anderson, NY Times

Click the button below to view these restaurants!

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