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Local Teams

Has your club or team attended Music City in the past and driven back and forth?  If so, you may already be on our Local Team List and will not be required to have a hotel reservation. Just complete the registration process and we will do the rest.


If your are new to Music City and think your team is eligible for the Local Team List, please email us at after your team has completed registration. We will take a look and let you know if you are eligible for Local status.


Please understand that a team's "local" status is determined solely at the discretion of the event staff. You may have to comply with the Stay & Play policy to gain entry into the event even though you feel that your team is within a reasonable distance to drive back and forth.

Conglomerate, franchised and clubs operating out of multiple locations may be granted local status for some teams and have other teams that need to comply with the Stay and Play policy. 

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